The Charleston Museum

The Charleston Museum

360 Meeting Street
Charleston SC 29403

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  • Jun 22, 2021 by Rick Adkins

    Pretty good museum with a variety of exhibits both long and short term. Of course the focus is on the history of Charleston in particular and SC in general. They also have a decent natural history portion and a small amount of Europe and Egyptian displays. One thing I did like was the lack of 'spin' on climate changes over time.

  • Jun 13, 2021 by Vernon Rogers

    This museum had tons of great exhibits. However, the storytelling was lacking. I would have liked to have a fictional families to follow through the centuries. Perhaps an indigenous family, a slave family, and a colonial family. This would have personalized the exhibits and made them more relatable.

  • Jun 08, 2021 by Robert Scott

    I went to this museum in a Tuesday and almost had the place to myself.

    It was clean and it was a pretty decent Museum. It’s got a great collection and it seems to have a well though out lay out. I have placed pictures here, but they in no way reflect the amount of articles/pieces this museum has.

    I think it was 12 bucks just for this one museum.

    360 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403-6297

  • Jun 01, 2021 by Edmund Ruff

    A must-visit for any Charleston-centric visit. Lots of history on display, some good, some bad, all of it Charleston through and through. The display that I found most interesting was the wall of metal ID tags that slaves had to wear if they wanted to find extra work outside their owners' homes; a system unique to antebellum Charleston. Definitely get the combo ticket to tour the Manigault house across the street for the full historical experience.

  • May 26, 2021 by Jeffrey Banks

    An awesome display of American history, but it left me wanting more. I'd love to see more about the indigenous Americans who were here first, and I'd like to see a little more about their earlier interaction with the Spanish. Would also like to know more about the African cultural influences of the area, and how these influences have shaped the cultural landscape of the South.

  • Apr 28, 2021 by Johns

    Clean facility w beautiful exhibits. The staff was friendly and offered a scavenger hunt checklist to help keep the kiddos interested. Thankful to be so close to an amazing museum.

  • Apr 10, 2021 by April Henderson

    This was by far one of the coolest places I have visited. So much history. Would definitely recommend going here

  • Apr 08, 2021 by Kurt Rose

    It was closed when we were there so we only got to see the submarine model in front of the museum. That was very cool to see. It's great that anyone can look at the sub at any time. Hopefully the museum will be open the next time we are in town.

  • Mar 13, 2021 by Becka J

    What an impressive collection! Rooms full of artifacts from Charleston, big and small. Lovely displays as well, touches on almost every subject of Charleston’s history! Def worth a visit compared to other museums in the area. Perfect for adults, there is a childrens learning area as well. I visit many museums yearly - I highly recommend this one!

  • Mar 07, 2021 by sam stads

    Wonderful collection and history. The layout is very easy to follow. The staff were very helpful. We will be visiting again and next time plan to spend multiple hours.

  • Feb 20, 2021 by Tara Brooks

    Wonderful museum, lots of local history, great war exhibits, some pretty cool pieces of history on how our ancestors lived as well. Surprised by the all the animals, Amazing bird exhibit....

  • Feb 16, 2021 by Chase Walton

    I was shocked by the quality of this museum. Some in my party described this museum as, “stunning, unexpected, impressively informative.” I personally don’t really enjoy museums, and really enjoyed my time here. Lots of information and great timeline on the top floor. Bottom floor has some more recent knick knacks (they had hand sanitizer from 2020 which I thought was funny—but I guess that’s how it gets started). Top floor is awesome though. Lots of information about slavery in Charleston.

  • Feb 07, 2021 by Gina Rothwell

    This is a great little museum. The staff we encountered were all helpful and friendly. We really enjoyed the exhibits, everything was really well done. We came here with our three kids, ages 10, 7, and 5. The history provided plenty to look at, even without being able to swallow all the explanations. The natural history room was so cool, I had never seen some of the skeletons they had on display - I was especially impressed by the giant sloth. My eldest is a history lover, but he also is enamoured with all things precious (coins, metals, gemstones, etc) so the silver room was an exciting surprise for him. I particularly enjoyed the museum exhibit of the museum itself. Oh, and the kids were given scavenger hunts that kept them involved if interest ever waned.

    The museum is on the small side, I think we spent a solid two hours there and saw everything. But it is well worth the visit, and I think a good value for the price.

  • Jan 31, 2021 by Jared Walker

    Coolest place ever! So many things to do and see and fun for all ages even adults as a date night/day. I will definitely be back even though it's pricey it is worth it!

  • Jan 22, 2021 by David “Dert” Weydert

    Good place to wander for a couple hours. Even more. Kids will love it too. My 8 year old son was blown away.....

  • Dec 20, 2020 by Drew P

    This was an excellent experience and I truly enjoyed all the exhibitions on my visit last month while we was visiting the Charleston area. I was able to find available street parking nearby which was very nice. I visited this museum on a Saturday afternoon and they're enforcing the COVID-19 pandemic precautions. The staff was very friendly and helpful and was wearing face masks. All visitors are required to wear face masks and there was social distance between visitors. This museum does offer a military discount on tickets for active duty members. The museum was very clean and well maintained by the staff. I was able too enjoy all the exhibits within a few hours, but I could imagine that families with young children would probably need much more time. Overall my visit was very nice and I would highly recommend it to friends and family members.

  • Nov 27, 2020 by Beach House

    The museum is elaborate and well laid out. It extensively covers the history of Charleston and South Carolina. Our favorite exhibit area was Charleston in the Revolution, very interesting!

  • Nov 05, 2020 by Valarie Winkleman

    I loveddd this museum!! It was my first time there! I’m new to the area but I was an anthropology graduate so this made me SO happy! Visited for my birthday and it was such a treat! Staff is very friendly and the exhibits are phenomenal. Amazing to learn about the rich history of Charleston ❤️

  • Nov 04, 2020 by joseph griffin

    The staff was most helpful and socially distanced. The museum has awesome pieces and an incredible brooch that belong to Eliza Lucas Pinckney. We thoroughly enjoyed it

  • Nov 02, 2020 by Kevin Dial

    If you are located in the area, I highly recommend purchasing the museum membership. It takes quite a few hours to just view the main museum and for the cost of the other 2 houses and the other associated museums, you'll save a lot by getting the membership. Great displays and friendly staff!

  • Oct 05, 2020 by Daniel Tunks

    Great experience! The staff was super friendly and helpful. We were able to tour at our own pace and were told that our tickets were good for the entire day, in case we wanted to come back. The tickets were very affordable and our 12 year old son was able to get a child's ticket, which saved us quite a bit. Neat artifacts, lots of history. The kids loved it and were attentive the entire time. They did a scavenger hunt and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this museum for young and old alike.

  • Oct 04, 2020 by Crystal Hardin

    I came to this museum years ago on a field trip with my daughter. I have wanted to come back ever since to spend more time.
    This time we spent hours there and it was great!
    The staff was great and the museum is really well laid out. Of course we were a little disappointed that there were a few things we couldn't see or do because of covid, but that is nobody's fault.
    Would definitely recommend!

  • Oct 01, 2020 by Carmen Doll

    Well-laid out museum about the history of Charleston and South Carolina. Included many of the original items from when it first opened. Admission fee is a little high for what you get but it is a good museum.

  • Sep 18, 2020 by T Fabian

    Truly friendly staff and interesting exhibits of the history of the state but particularly the city.

  • Sep 17, 2020 by Antoinette Smith

    This museum was interesting and the exhibits were really good. There was a lot of history...from Francis Marion's sword to an Egyptian mummy and a whale skeleton to a stuffed polar bear. It was most enjoyable!!!

  • Sep 17, 2020 by cija richards

    Very good family experience, very reasonably priced

  • Sep 15, 2020 by James Blount

    Cool and not crowded. Currently have swim fabrics and silverware temp exhibits. Have Egyptian exhibit (first exhibits when opened)

  • Sep 11, 2020 by Stephen Lucas

    This place is amazing, so much history and very well presented. I need to go back it takes 2 hours if you like reading.

  • Sep 10, 2020 by Scott Patterson

    Fabulous museum with decent prices. If you want to learn about the history of the area this is the place to go.

  • Sep 06, 2020 by hdgross

    I highly recommend visiting the artillery and weaponry area

  • Jul 29, 2020 by Kevin Moore

    Short and sweet not alot in there but for 12 $ worth it.

  • Jul 10, 2020 by Maxxcentric

    Me and my parents went, not intending to spend so long in here. Great learning experience, would definitely come again.

  • Jul 05, 2020 by John Hannigan

    Had a great time there was so much stuff to see first time will definitely go back.

  • Jun 26, 2020 by Kenneth Iosue

    Very nice. A ton more to see then you realize.

  • Jun 22, 2020 by Gary Retzel

    A must see if you're interested in the local history of Charleston. There are also several fossilized marine animals as Charleston had been submerged until, relatively speaking, recently. Only about 1 million years ago.

  • Jun 20, 2020 by Brian Kirkman

    I haven’t been here since I was a kid but it was everything I remember. The classic whale skeleton on the ceiling when you first walk in and many great exhibits. A great place if you have a thirst for history.

  • Jun 18, 2020 by Tricia Whipkey

    This was a wonderful museum! My favorite attraction in Charleston by far. They offered local exhibits as well as many historical offerings. Loved seeing the Egyptian mummy! Highly recommend visiting this museum during your visit to Charleston!

  • Jun 17, 2020 by Brandi Click

    We went shortly after opening on a Monday and had the entire place to ourselves until we were headed out. Face masks not required and it would of been nice to have the kids area open and some of the examples/drawers in use but plenty to see and learn without it. I like that its set up in a timeline and easy to follow. Employees were constantly cleaning and the areas were very well maintained. We visited while on vacation and enjoyed ourselves. Its great that children under 6 are free as well

  • Jun 06, 2020 by Mike Ladd

    My favorite museum in Charleston. Good for kids and adults. Memberships are not much more expensive, and they have several special exhibits/programs for members also.

  • Jun 03, 2020 by Ashley A

    I'm so glad this wonderful place decided to open back up when they did because I came to Charleston to celebrate my birthday but most everything was still closed due to the virus and I really love going to museums and this is the only one that was open so I was able to really enjoy my birthday after all truly a great museum definitely a must see when in town

  • Mar 19, 2020 by Kathy Valdez

    Excellent experience! Well displayed & informative. Great way to familiarize yourself with Charleston's history.

  • Mar 11, 2020 by Xeanaex LLC

    The Charleston Museum is a MUST SEE if you visit Charleston, SC! The museum dates back to the 1700's. It has lots of different exhibits, including lots of local history. It also has a section about animals, an Egyptian mummy, and a section about women's fashion over the years. The staff are very friendly too! You can also arrange a group to visit the archives. You can organize a children's group event too. Highly recommended!

  • Mar 07, 2020 by Donald Cushman

    The Charleston Museum is fairly large. Filled with Artifacts from the Early America Settlers. It's Well laid out in order. The Museum Attendant's are Wonderful and Knowledgeable

  • Jan 23, 2020 by Cindy Walker

    Very well presented history of Charleston. There was another exhibit on silver and textiles we didn't have time to visit. Plan on spending at least 2 hours here. There's a lot of reading so not sure how long it would hold a child's interest.

  • Jan 09, 2020 by King Ajizal

    This is a great museum. Their curation is a little dated but they had some absolutely outstanding artifacts. We were pleasantly surprised to see a nice natural history section too and were very impressed by their temporary exhibit on the early days of the museum. Start your Charleston trip here.

  • Nov 10, 2019 by Jeremy

    Much bigger than i thought it would be. The one side with the special exhibit is fairly small so i assumed it would be the same across the hall. Not sure what dimension i entered into but the building seemed to become 3 times larger with an exhibit that never seemed to end. Which is good, just might have budgeted my time better. Felt like i started to run through things at the end just to find if there really was an exit.

  • Oct 30, 2019 by Reba Deyerle

    This is a great place to learn some quick history about our beautiful state. It only takes an hour or two to walk through. Great for rainy days or if you're just looking for something to do and you're not sure what.

  • Aug 22, 2019 by Evan Guthrie

    The Charleston Museum is a great experience that has been consistent and excellent throughout the years. I have been coming to The Charleston Museum ever since I could remember and it always seems to deliver a unique and educational experience every time no matter what year. I really like the exhibits about the history of Charleston and all of the different exhibits that rotate in and out. This museum is very well run and organized. I also really like the building and the feel it has with the architecture with the bricks and the courtyard. I also like the museum and its auditorium as an event venue as it is a good place to host different events and speeches. The Charleston Museum is awesome and I look forward to coming back here many times in the future.

  • Sep 20, 2006 by historicflavor

    Plan on making this very interesting tour of Charleston's past...Things so well preserved and displayed the eye can not believe sometimes what is being viewed...Feel as if you are traveling back in time in sections of the hallways...Did not realize Charleston had such a long and diversified past in history...Enjoyed the Hunley Submarine replica on the museum grounds outside, since I came all the way from Florida to see the real Hunley with no luck...Something should be done about that, but thats another story...Anyway, this was really a great indoor visit on a rainy day so not as to waste a total day...Helpful personel and museum pricing was very resonable...